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 Her Presence In Colours 她彩色空间
International Women Artists Association - Malaysia (INWAA - Malaysia)  

The Aims of "Her Presence in Colours" series of exhibitions :

  • To promote goodwill and international friendship amongst the women artists through art.

  • To provide the opportunity for people to gain insights into the unique essence of women's art and the contribution of women artists in offering their truthful and honest self in art. 

  • It is also our hope that through Her Presence In Colours series we can encourage love, understanding and unity amongst the women artists from the countries involved.

The Theme
"Her Presence in Colours" reflects the cohesive spirit of the women artists and their inner passion for life and art, their concern and awareness, their emotions and aspirations.


她彩色空间-亚洲 / 世界女艺术家联展系列

  • 推动女性艺术,启发社会人士对女性艺术创作的题认。

  • 促进世界各地女性艺术工作者彼此之间的交流和友善关系。 

  • 鼓励女性艺术家通过艺术形式表现自我意识内涵,带动社会文化以的平衡发展。

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