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2024   線上展覽

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Dear all,

The Malaysia Women Artists Association is is glad to announce the coming Mother’s Day Online Art Exhibition will be on the 12th May, 2024 in conjunction with Mother's Day Celebration, it is to express feelings about Mother’s Day in works of art.This exhibition will be officially launched on 12th May 2024 . 



马来西亚女艺术家协会很高兴地宣布,配合庆祝即将到来的母亲节举办网上/线上艺术展,以艺术作品表达对母亲节的感想。此展览将正式 于 2024 年 5 月 12 日推出。

List of Artists

  1. The late Yuen Chee Ling
    (former president of INWAC and MWAA)

  2. Yeong Seak Ling
    (Art Advisor & Curator of MWAA)

  3. Dr Zakaria Ali
    (Art Advisor & Art Editor of MWAA)

  4. Lanmei Chen
    (President of INWAC, from Shanghai, China)

  5. Y. Bhg Dato’ Sri Dr. Kris KS See
    (Medical Director, Chief Clinical and Innovative Scientist Osel Group)

  6. Dr. Cheah Thien Soong
    (President of NACRS)

  7. Katy Yu Guoqin
    (Chairman of AAAM )

  8. Grace Huang (USA)

  9. Yoon Sook Fong
    (President of MWAA)

  10. Chiou Ling Chyi
    (Vice President of MWAA)

  11. Loo Ley See

  12. Sally Lee Hoi Har

  13. Wong Mooi Kuan

  14. Siti Mariah 

  15. Sheila Kho

  16. Lilly Metom

  17. Ng Paik San

  18. Apple Yong

  19. Helen Guek

  20. Evelyn Chen

  21. Hoo May Chee

  22. Janiz Chan

  23. Anise Yeong

  24. Lim Bee Hoon

  25. Yati Yusoff

  26. Chuah Guat Yong

  27. Angelina Bong

  28. Ng Sheau Hoi

  29. Joanne Lau

  30. Chen Li Li

  31. Danny Neoh


+6 016-2596372 (Yoon)
+6 013-4368218 (Sally)

+6 018-9407080 (Ley See)



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