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Chuah Siew Teng


Chuah Siew Teng is a brilliant artist in the batik

medium and he is acknowledged to be one of Malaysia’s most celebrated artists. Born in 1944 in

Penang, Malaysia, Siew Teng had won many art

awards even before obtaining a formal art education

at the Ravensburne College of Art and City & Guild

Art School in England in 1965. Siew Teng expressed a great interest in batik art at a very early age and was exposed to this art medium by the master of batik art, his father, Chuah Thean Teng. In 1961, 1962 and 1963, Siew Teng was the winner of the "Art Prize" in the open art competition held in North Malaysia. In 1964 he won the "Certificate of Merit" at the National Art Competition with his painting entitled "Joy of Living". The following year he was awarded a prize at the Malaysia Artist Competition for his painting "Outdoor". While in London, during 1966, at the I.C.I. College of Art, Siew Teng lectured and demonstrated the batik technique. In 1975 he lectured and taught batik art in Australia at the West Australian Institute of Technology and at the Fremantle Art Centre. Siew Teng’s art is well recognized in the international as well as in Malaysian art circles. His batik painting entitled "The Monkeys" was chosen by the UNICEF (United Nations’ International Children’s

Fund) for their greeting card selection in 1992. His

paintings have been exhibited locally and internationally.


1966 Ravensburne College of Art, England

1967 One-man exhibition at the Lower Gallery, London, England

1968 Royal Exchange, London, England

1969 City & Guild Art School, London, England

1970 National Art Gallery, Malaysia

1971 World Art Associates, U.S.A.

1972 Dewan Sri Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

1972 Argyle Art Centre, New South Wales, Australia

1973 Travelling Art Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

1974 International Art Exhibition, Basel, Switzerland

1975 Kanda Gallery, Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa, Japan

1975 Travelling Art Exhibition, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Fremantle, Australia

1975 International Art Exhibition,Basel, Switzerland

1978 Representing Penang at the Adelaide Exhibition, Australia

1981 Georgetown Gallery, B.C., Canada

1986 Eva Chan Gallery, California, U.S.A.

1988 AIam Seni Fabrik Malaysia, National Art Gallery


Title- Joy of Living Year- 2022 Medium- Batik Size- 24” x 18.png
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