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Foreword 前 言

Y. Bhg Dato’ Sri Dr. Kris KS See


Medical Director,
Chief Clinical and Innovative Scientist
Osel Group

When I began writing this foreword, Malaysia, as a nation has begun to open up her borders and ease COVID-19 restrictions after two years of containment. As an institution, it feels good to be able to celebrate this significant milestone. One thing we’ve learned over the years is how art can prevail in times of crisis and I have no doubt it will be no different this time.

Our individual responses to the Covid-19 crisis depend upon many things – the crisis will have created different concerns for each and every one of us. Many of society’s inequalities are now more exposed than ever – and we should be asking what we can do to help address that. Art, of course, can be an essential part of that process of questioning. In times of crisis, artists, filmmakers, writers, poets and musicians can help us to process, to dream, and to reconsider what’s important for us as individuals, families and as a community. This period of time has given some of us a rare opportunity to paint, draw, sing, dance, cook – to explore our own creativity, and that of others, in ways we may never have imagined. Such collective creativity brings us together, and provides purpose and meaning. In this sense, art is, and will always be, an essential service.

The late Mother Theresa once commented, “There is motherhood in each and every one of us. Motherhood is wanting the best for others and not expecting anything in return”. Even if we are not mothers, and even if we are not directly responsible for the everyday care and well-being of children in ways other than motherhood, we still have the opportunity to nurture those around us every day. We each have the capacity for deep and selfless care, and the capability to use it to touch the lives around us.

The theme of this upcoming month long art exhibition “Bloom With Grace, Mother’s Day Charity Art Exhibition 2022”, presented by Malaysia Women Artist Association, symbolises the virtue of self-less contribution, how the giver and the taker will mutually benefit from this gracious deed. 31 immensely talented women artists come together to present 42 specially curated art pieces and pledging a percentage of the sales of their artworks towards education and medical relief funds for the needy.  

As an organization, Osel Group has always been a strong supporter for Malaysia’s very own arts and culture scene. Under the esteemed leadership of the Chairperson of Malaysia Women Artist Association, Ms Yoon Sook Fong, we are delighted to be given the opportunity to contribute to the launching of “Bloom With Grace, Mother’s Day Charity Art Exhibition 2022”. Humbly, we extend our deepest thanks to Ms Yoon Sook Fong, Ms Sally Lee Hoi Har and the whole organizing team from Malaysia Women Artist Association. This exhibition is available for viewing both online and offline, a hybrid model in line with the new normal.

In this spirit that we wish to celebrate the immense contribution of women in the world today – non more befitting, than in conjunction with Mother’s Day on the 8th May 2022. 


Last but not least, I wish to invite you to join me in supporting Malaysia Women Artist Association and Malaysia’s very own curative arts. Collectively, we can recover better together. We must do more.
Thank you kindly

Yours Sincerely,

Y.Bhg Dato’ Sri Dr. Kris See
Medical Director, Chief Clinical & Innovative Scientist

May 2022


Welcome to collect and support the charity exhibition! 

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