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Foreword 前 言


DJN 准拿督李楷 律师

Chairman, Penang State Art Gallery; Advisor, Penang Art District


Traces of Time - the Pursuit of Goodness, Truth and Beauty

In was reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2008 that inhaling the rich, warm aroma of a hot cup of coffee alters the activity of some genes in the brain, reducing the effects of sleep deprivation – no drinking required.

Waking up to the smell of coffee is a blessing, while wake up and smell the coffee is asking someone to face up to reality – the reality of the vicissitude of life.

Philosophers and theologians have long wrestled with the question, “what makes humanity so distinct from all other forms of life?” Three transcendentals, properties of being that transcend the capacities of all other creature, make humans unique creatures of God – they are the desire for goodness, for truth, and for beauty. As a Christian I recognise that these three transcendentals point us to God. The existence of good and evil point to the reality of undefiled holiness. Honesty and falsehood point to the existence of absolute truth. Beauty and the grotesque point to the glory of God. Thus, goodness. truth, and beauty were established for us by God who is defined by all three.

Van Gogh said, “there is nothing more genuinely artistic than to love people.”

Art should be connected to life, and life can become part of our art.

I applaud the Malaysian Women Artists Association for organising this coffee art exhibition – Traces of Time, bringing together a group of artists to do what they do best and, at the same time, doing it for a charitable cause. This pursuit of beauty and goodness must be both enriching for the artists and a blessing for those they are helping. I congratulate all participating artists and galleries for exemplifying those transcendental values through art. God bless!

Lee Khai                     

28 Nov 2023

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