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 Nurhayati Bt Md.Yusoff 

Group Exhibition:


  • Malaysian Watercolor Society (MWS) Group Exhibition 2011, March, NN Gallery, KL.

  • Floria Putrajaya 2011, MWS Art Exhibition, July 2011.



  • Malaysian Watercolor Society (MWS) Group Exhibition 2009, March, NN Gallery, KL.

  • Women Artists’ Exhibition, “Nature & Women”, March, CFA Art Gallery, Penang.

  • Floria 2010, Group Exhibition, July, Putrajaya.

  • DUET- MWS & PWCS Group Exhibition, 24th July, Bangsar Art Village, KL.



  • “Tampannya Budi”- The Beauty of The Malay Intellect, Group Exhibition, August 21 , Balai Seni Lukis Negara, KL.

  • Floria 2009, Group Exhibition (MWS), Putrajaya


  • Malaysian Watercolor Society (MWS) Group Exhibition 2008, March ‘08, NN Gallery, KL.

  • Her Presence in Colours VIII International Women Artists’ Exhibition China/Beijing 2008.   National Gallery, Beijing, 11- 25 April, 2008.

  • “100 Women Artists Welcoming Olympic-Beijing 2008 Fund-Raising for Charity” Art Exhibition,Beijing, April 2008.

  • Group Art Exhibition @ Yayasan Seni Berdaftar, Penaung: YAB Toh Puan Mahani Idris, KL.



  • BEHIND THE WALL, Group Art Exhibition, Gallery of Culture, Invention and Innovation, USM Penang, Dec 15, 2007 - Jan 15, 2008.

  • Career Talk- Artist/Painter; SMK USJ 8, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

  • Malaysian Watercolors 2007, NN Gallery. (MWO)

  • Woman by Women Art Show. CFA Art Gallery, Penang. March 2007.

  • Women Art Show at Shian’s Art, Endah Parade Kuala Lumpur. April 2007.



  • International Women Artists’ Exhibition in Daegu Culture & Art Center, KOREA. Sept 26-Oct 1.

  • Malaysian Watercolors 2006, NN Gallery. (MWO)

  • Enchanting Colourful Malaysian Watercolors 2006, National Art Gallery. Aug 27- Sept 30.



  • Sabah Charms, MWO Group Exhibition, Sabah Art Gallery, Kota Kinabalu.              

  • “Mother's Love" Art Exhibition 2005, Galeri Art Point, Penang, jointly organized by World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA).

  • "Artful Family" Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Apr 2-17, 2005.

  • Shah Alam Art Gallery Open Show 2005




  • 1st Family Art Exhibition, "All in The Family", Kuching, Sarawak. Received MALAYSIA BOOK OF RECORDS for HAVING THE MOST ARTISTS IN A FAMILY.



  • NOYES Art Gallery - Open Art Exhibition. Lincoln, Neb., USA.



  • College of Fine Art- Students’ Art Exhibition. UNL.



  • International Islamic University "Tuhan, Alam dan Manusia" Art Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur.

  • Shah Alam Art Gallery "Kesenian Masyarakat Nelayan Malaysia". Open Art Exhibition.



  • Shah Alam Art Gallery Open Art Exhibition.

Title: My Universe
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 45.5mm (W) x 61mm (H)
Year: 2017

Artist Statement:
“My life as a Mother is the essence of this painting.

This is me now.

Where I am.

What I am.

This is my Love of Life”


In this painting, you can see two brightest stars on the right corner that represent the children I’ve lost. And then you can see my son named Zain on a “space-board” doing the “dab”. He’s 5 years old at the time when I painted this. Around him, I painted some of his favorite characters from TV and You Tube- things that most kids from his generation could relate and would enjoy watching and playing computer games with. Besides that, I also included my favorite brushes and a pencil to represent my passion in Art and some little buildings and a car of a little town we’re staying until now. If your eyes caught some bubbles at the left lower corner of the painting, you’ll see in one of them, a “fetus” image- a child that I’m carrying who’s (God willing) due in November 2017.


This is pretty much a very fun, quirky painting that I made just to summarize my life at the moment. It’s almost surreal and can be categorized as an illustration too. The glowing Moon symbolizes my Hope for the future of my children and their generation to come. At the same time, despite the technology and modern influences, I pray that they will always remember their Root and Faith and that’s the reason I painted the Tree there.

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