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 Karen Ee. Kayee 

Nov 2008
Art Malaysia International Contemporary Art Fair Kuala Lumpur


Feb  2009

Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur


June  2009
Group Exhibition, Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Melaka.


April 2010
”Artistic Expression” –  Joint exhibition , Galeri Seni 
Mutiara, Penang


Oct  2010

“Journey In Art” – group exhibition – North Kedah Art Society


April 2011

“Impression of Malaysia Contemporary Art Exhibition",   

Penang State Art Gallery


June 2011
participated as “ Artist by Invitation” at Alisia Wan “Red   

Blossom Melody” Solo Art & Fashion exhibition, Mutiara Art Gallery, Penang.


October 2011

participated in art exhibition to raise funds for Kwang Hwa school, Klang, Selangpr


March 2012

“FEMME FLORA” International Women’s Day Art Exhibition 2012, Ministry of Tourism, Putrajaya Malaysia


March 2012

International Women’s Day Art Exhibition 2012, Island Gallery, Penang.


May 2012

“ 2012 Spring Art Exhibition” Toccata Studio, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


August 2012

“2013 Autumn Art Exhibition” Toccata Studio, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


March 2013

“My Day” International Women’s Day Art Exhibition 2013, VIVA Home, Kuala Lumpur


May 2013

“Of Mother, Daughter & Art” Exhibition, Sutera Hotel, Seremban, N Sembilan.


June 2013

“ 21 Ludvig International Symposium ”- Nagkanizsa, Kendlimajor, Hungary.


September 2013

AATF Art Malaysia Art Tourism Fair, VIVA Home Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur


September 2013

1001 Artists Exhibition, VIVA Home Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur


Nov 2013

Korea Malaysia Art Exchange, Seoul, Korea


March 2014

International Symposium ‘ 2 Bad Zwischenahner Kunstlerwoche’, Bad Zwischenahner, Germany


October 2014

Langkawi Art Binennale, Langkawi, Malaysia

August 2015

International women artists Exhibition, State Art Gallery, Penang.


October 2015

Thai-Malaysian Women Exhibition, Thailand.


July 2016

“ Her presence in colours “ – International women Artists Exhibition Khaosiung, Taiwan.


August 2016

- “ Asian Watercolour Expression III” Bandung, Indonesia

- Pre-selected  for finale of “ Brisbane Art Prize “ ,Brisbane,  Australia.


October 2016

“ Kuala Selangor Wetland Art Exhibition “ , Kuala Selangor,

Selangor Dahrul Ehsan.

Title: Love . Peace . Harmony
Medium: Mixed media

Size: 70cm (W) x 100cm (H)

Artist Statement:
This painting is inspired by the Wisteria, a hardy creeper with strong survival instinct capable of thriving in poor soil condition. Its pendulous blooms, often of beautiful purple hues and intoxicating scent make it almost impossible to resist.

The artist used predominantly bluish purple hues throughout the painting to capture the sense of romance and mystery. The presence of the love birds lends a calming, peaceful & loving effect. The combination of vibrant, chaotic yet orderly short brush strokes, emits energy & vigour thus balances physical composition with semi-abstract trappings, giving the impressionistic painting a modern touch.

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