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 Joy Wu Mei Yeh 

Born in 1948, Joy Wu has an avid interest in art and drawing in particular since she was a child. Although she has no formal education and training, Joy insists on pursuing her passion in art and has sought out several local and foreign artists to mentor her. In recent years, Joy has taken part in multiple international and local art events and exhibitions.

Joy Wu’s art is influenced by nature; nature that is observed through her eyes and felt by her heart while being internalized mentally and emotionally as thoughts and feelings. Being from a non-traditional background and without going through the process of academia, Joy is not restricted to the trappings and packaging of theory and art philosophy. Instead, she uses her freedom of thought and techniques to create her art. Art for Joy Wu is a hobby of passion; a career of the soul and a pursuit of the spirit.

Title: Warm
Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 72cm (H) x 62cm (w)
Year: 2015

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