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 Cindy Tan Seok Boon 

Artist Statement:
I delineate the beautiful nature around me, so as to convey a message of happiness and beauty of the colourful world. Flowers are the colours of nature that everyone enjoys. Painting flowers is very relaxing for me.


Solo Exhibition
2009 - Tan Seok Boon Exhibition at Art Craft & Food Fair Penang 2009 at Dewan Sri Pinang

Group Exhibition

  • “Friends of CFA” Exhibition at Galeri Art Point, Penang2006

  • “Her Presence In Colour VII” - International Women Artists Exhibition Korea, Dague Art Center, Korea 2007

  • Large Painting - “Women by Women” Exhibition at Galeri Art Point, Penang

“Friends of CFA” Exhibition at Galeri Art Point, Penang“Her Presence In Colour VIII” - International Women Artists Exhibition 2016Beijing, China


  • Ceramic Painting Workshop conducted by Cai Zhong Shun (Grand master from Jing De Zhen, China), Penang2010“HER - New Vision” Art Exhibition in Shanghai, China

  • Scarf Natural Dye Exhibition at Galeri Art Point, Penang

“Her Presence In Colours X” - International Women Artists Exhibition, Vietnam

“Life and Art of Women Artists” at Galeri Art Point, Penang

“Her Presence In Colours XI” - International Artists Exhibition Mongolia

“Her Presence In Colours XII” - International Women Artists Exhibition Taiwan

Tile : Mother Love
Medium : Acrylic On Canvas
Size : 46 x 36 cm
Year : 2015

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